The Asphalt Kiss @
The 59e59 Theater

October 7 - 29, 2005

Join us for the U.S. premier of The Asphalt Kiss in this exciting new production. The New York Times calls this extraordinary play one of Rodrigues' most timely and says that it is a work that "confronts current-day questions of homophobia and tabloid sensationalism in prophetic fashion." Directed by Sarah Cameron Sunde and featuring Charles Turner as Aprigio.

"As a pedestrian hit by a bus lies dying on a Rio street, a passerby stops to cradle him in his arms and kisses him on the lips as a parting gesture of human solidarity. But the scene is witnessed by an unscrupulous reporter, who proves so successful in convincing a public hungry for scandal that the men were lovers that even the wife of the Good Samaritan comes to doubt his masculinity."

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